MVON4 New Release

What makes MVON4 different to other MultiValue systems?

Horizontal Scalability
A significant feature that differentiates ONgroup’s MVON4 platform is the ability to horizontally scale implementations of MultiValue. MVON4 gives MultiValue developers the tools to write software in MV, transpile to C# and run it in the .NET Common Language Runtime.

Because MVON4 uses .NET as the MultiValue run machine (p-machine) and SQL Server as the DBMS for MultiValue applications, it provides a wealth of functionality that other MV platforms lack. This capability allows MVON4 users to define primary, secondary and tertiary lock servers and to have as many nodes as required in the MVON4 Cluster. Nodes can be added and removed in real time, while each node can be configured with different RAM, disk and processors, and Windows and Linux Nodes can be mixed in a single cluster.

Use both SQL and NoSQL Databases
MVON4 and other ONware products are database independent and can use multiple types of databases concurrently, including NoSQL DBMS such as MongoDB. Currently operational with ONware are SQL Server, and common MV databases including jBase, Open QM, UniVerse, UniData and D3.

Advanced Security Features
With the continuing increase in data breaches and resultant regulations to keep them at bay, the security features of many MultiValue applications are often questioned. Particularly as users require access to multiple databases on multiple servers distributed across different physical locations, database security administration can become complicated.

This is one among many reasons why ONgroup elected to utilise Microsoft’s solid industry platforms to our benefit as their organization continues to invest in the widely respected security of its .NET run machine, as well as their SQL Server DBMS. With MVON4 Tools, one can run existing MultiValue applications in .NET with SQL Server and similarly run SB+ applications in .NET with the MVON4 NetBuilder emulator.

Seamless Integration

PYTHON, Javascript, TypeScript and MV BASIC Interaction

Because Python, Javascript and Typescript integrates seamlessly with NetBasic, via C#, MVON4 users are not restricted to using only Basic Developers on ONgroup systems. This is a typical scenario for sites running on Microsoft with MVON: Not only are all these languages running in the same runtime as the MV application (with MVON applications running in .NET) there is also no client-server required. Python, Javacript, Typescript and MV BASIC interact fluidly. Call a subroutine written in Python, Javascript or Typescript from your BASIC code and it all just runs in .NET

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